Support the Williamstown Garden Club:  Tax Deductible Giving Opportunities

The Williamstown Garden Club serves the Williamstown community through its mission of Civic Beautification.           This work is visible each growing season as members work to plant and maintain flowers and plants at numerous locations throughout town. Look for our work; at several in-town gardens; containers at numerous street intersections, along Spring Street and the  Post Office; Main Street Bridge flower boxes; and more.

                                Our work is supported through fundraisers, memberships, and donations.                                   Please consider supporting our community beautification projects with a donation.


The Williamstown Garden Club is included under the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts 501 (c)(3) umbrella, which enables corporations, institutions, and individuals (not restricted to Garden Club members) to make tax deductible donations to the Garden Club.

In addition, described below are three specific vehicles through which corporations, institutions, and individuals may make tax-deductible gifts that will benefit the Garden Club. Funds received through these gifts are managed by the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation (BTCF). These three funds accept tax-deductible matching funds from corporations or institutions.

  1. The Sally Tenney Osborne Fund – BTCF
    • Donated by Sally Tenney Osborne, a founding member of the Williamstown Garden Club, this fund is a principal endowment fund. Although the Williamstown Garden Club is not permitted to use this Fund’s principal funds, principal gifts to this fund are tax-deductible to the donor. Interest from this account accrues annually to the Williamstown Garden Club and said interest may be used for any Williamstown Garden Club project or initiative.
  2. The Williamstown Garden Club Agency Account – BTCF
    • This Agency account is a vehicle by which tax-deductible gifts may be made to the Williamstown Garden Club. Unlike the Sally Tenney Osborne Fund, principal and earned interest may be withdrawn from this account at the direction of the Williamstown Garden Club from time to time. The donor may direct his/her gift to this general Agency fund or to a specific project or initiative of the Williamstown Garden Club. The Treasurer and/or the President of the Williamstown Garden Club is authorized to withdraw up to $500 per fiscal year quarter for said Club projects and initiatives, with any amount over that requiring a vote of the Executive Board and both officers’ signatures on withdrawal forms.
  3. Jean Austin Lee Endowment Fund – BTCF
    • This fund was created by the membership of the Williamstown Garden Club to honor the memory of Jean Austin Lee. The purpose of the fund is to maintain and preserve in perpetuity the care of the Memorial Garden at Field Park, and to further the beautification of Field Park. The fund is administered separately under the Williamstown Garden Club Agency Account – BTCF.

For further information, contact:

Marilyn Faulkner, Treasurer
[email protected]