The Williamstown Garden Club was conceived and established in 1933. At the first meeting of the Garden Club, Sally Tenney Osborne, the first Club Secretary, noted:

“… It was resolved that a club be organized for the increase of interest and intelligence in gardening, and that the one requirement for active membership should be actual work … “

Over the years since its founding, the Williamstown Garden Club and its members have been committed to civic beautification projects, as well as participating in and winning recognition for floral competitions, special projects, civic beautification, and publications at the state, regional and national level. The Club has also sponsored Garden Therapy at local nursing homes, Youth Activities at the elementary and high school level as well as scholarship support for candidates in horticultural and related programs.

Today, as in the years since it was established, the Williamstown Garden Club remains actively involved and committed to the cornerstone of its mission – civic beautification. During the growing season, Club members dedicate their time to the numerous Civic Beautification projects designing, planting and maintaining the following sites:

  • Gardens at Field Park
  • Sally Tenney Osborne Garden at the Milne Public Library
  • Flower boxes on the Main Street Bridge
  • Containers at Five Corners and Bloedel Park in South Williamstown
  • Containers on Spring Street, the Post Office, Town Hall, and at numerous town intersections

The Garden Club supports these efforts with the proceeds from two fundraisers – a Spring Plant & Bake Sale and a Fall House Plant Sale, membership, in-kind donations from community members and local landscapers and designers.  The Club continues to participate in special projects at the state and regional levels.

Most recently:

  • 2010
    The east garden at Field Park was redesigned and replanted, after the existing garden was demolished during the construction of the Field Park Rotary. A new garden and fence at the west end of Field Park was established, designed, and planted. This extensive project was funded by a grant from the Fund for Williamstown, the generous contribution of the Alice Schaffer Fund and the fund raising efforts of the Club.
  • 2007
    A major civic project, The Daffodil Planting was conceived by Patti Brundage and financed by the Fund for Williamstown. Five thousands daffodil bulbs were planted in all areas of Williamstown by Club members and community volunteers.
  • 2003
    Our 70th anniversary was celebrated with a Club birthday party at the Annual Meeting. Twelve previous Club Presidents attended, lending their collective inspiration for the Club’s celebrated past and the future ahead. An updated history of the Club was completed for the occasion.

We are proud to acknowledge the continuous contribution
we have made to the beautification of our town since our founding.